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3 Ways Propolis is the New Cure-All

We're all familiar with at least one bee-produced substance - honey, beeswax, royal jelly - but bees give us more than this. Less known but on the rise is propolis, often referred to as bee glue because honey-bees use it to seal the gaps in beehives.

The health benefits of propolis are numerous and versatile, including anti-cancer and anti-histamine properties. In fact, propolis was used as an ancient cure to heal wounds and sickness. Today, propolis is gaining popularity as a natural super-food with surprisingly powerful health benefits. On a basic day-to-day scale, this bee glue can noticeably enhance 3 aspects of your body: immune system, skin, and teeth.


  1. Immune System

Our immune system is essential for keeping us healthy and protecting us from disease. Studies have suggested that propolis is anti-bacterial and promotes cellular regeneration, important components in strengthening our immunity. For these reasons, people who use propolis often take it daily as a boost for their immune system and to prevent sickness.

One of propolis' most commonly known uses is against colds. Especially in the early onset of a cold, taking propolis or doubling your usual amount may prevent the cold from progressing, or at least significantly reduce symptoms. Specifically, propolis is excellent against sore throats because it is soothing and reduces inflammation.

  1. Skin

Propolis is a natural healer thanks to its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial activity, which makes it great for skin care. It rejuvenates the skin by promoting tissue repair and healing wounds. Furthermore, it can help treat acne with its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Propolis already exists in the form of face creams, sunscreen, and anti-acne treatment. To exfoliate, raw propolis can even be topically applied as a face mask. The very purpose of propolis in beehives is to fill and seal crevices, producing a clean finish. Luckily, propolis can be used to achieve the same result on our own skin.


  1. Teeth and Oral Health

Propolis has been shown to improve oral health by reducing plaque, being anti-cavity, and preventing infection. Following dental procedures and surgery, propolis has also been used to reduce pain and inflammation, effectively speeding up healing procedures.

What does this mean for your oral health routine? One study found that participants who used propolis as a mouthwash had less plaque, and many other studies point towards cavity prevention. The same effects were found when adding it to toothpaste. However, you don't need to gargle bee glue twice daily to reap its oral health benefits. Propolis is taken in small doses, and simply incorporating it into your life is an easy way to maintain healthy teeth.

How Do I Take Propolis?

Propolis comes in many forms, including raw, pills, tinctures, topical methods, and powder. Raw propolis is often chewed, although this method may stain teeth due to propolis' dark brown and resinous form. Pills and tinctures are directly ingested, whereas topical methods consist of products like creams or face masks applied directly to the body.

Utilizing its powdered form, Propolis Tea Co. is the first to provide a familiar, practical, and tasty way to ingest propolis in your favorite teas.

Tea provides its own array of advantages, such as numerous antioxidants and enhanced immunity. Especially during flu season, drinking hot propolis tea is not only soothing for the throat, but the tea and propolis will simultaneously boost your health, enhance energy, and ward off sickness. While propolis has already proven itself to be a natural superfood, propolis tea is the upcoming dream team for your health and well-being. 

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