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The foundation of any company is the people involved in its creation and maintenance. Without their vision and effort, a company can never truly come to fruition.

Jonathan Piechnik - Founder

I graduated from high school in Vancouver, Canada, and began to work on random business ideas immediately after. I became fascinated by propolis shortly after taking my beekeeping course at a local honey store. The more I researched, the more I believed in what propolis can do to heal and rejuvenate. I brainstormed ways that could make it both enjoyable and easy to consume. Finally, I decided on tea as the natural solution to taste and health.

Hannah Visser - Content Writer

Although I am pursuing a career in psychology, I have wanted to write and blog more in my spare time but never found the right outlets. It's very exciting for me to be a part of the process after seeing Jon's passion for Propolis Tea and watching his ideas grow since the beginning. In my spare time, I am always planning a trip to someplace new but I also love being at home with my friends, hiking, and enjoying outdoor Vancouver.

Zane Sturm - CGI/Graphic Design

Having an almost unbearable passion for the arts, I take every opportunity as a chance to strut my stuff. I take great pride in my art and really love what I do, so when Jonathan approached me and asked for some designs and images, there was no way I could turn him down! I was born in Canada, lived in Costa Rica for seven years, and then promptly moved to Florida for my bachelor in Game Art; I can confidently say I've had quite the diverse experience!

Tiffany Chang - Content Writer

While studying full-time in Ontario, I focus on living a healthy lifestyle that involves fueling my body with superfoods. In my spare time you will find me in the gym or in front of my computer, creating content for a club on campus as well as for my personal blog. When Jon approached me to contribute to Propolis Tea Co. as a content writer, I was excited to be able to lend my talents to help share the benefits of propolis-infused teas and promote the important role of bees in everyday life.

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